Product Description

The spherical roller bearings (SRBs) manufactured by RKB are engineered to withstand high radial forces and moderate

axial forces acting in both directions. RKB SRBs can dynamically accommodate misalignments due to shaft bending. They are produced with cylindrical or tapered bore, in open or sealed execution. Depending on application requirements, RKB Bainite Hardening Treatment (HB) and High Temperature Dimensional Stabilization (S) can be applied on bearing rings and rollers. Moreover, as for dimensions, RKB spherical roller bearings are manufactured according to ISO/ABMA/GOST specifications. As a consequence, they are fully interchangeable with all the bearings that

meet the relevant international standards.


The range of RKB spherical roller bearings covers most requirements of standard and special industrial applications, in severe and critical working conditions. RKB offers a wide portfolio of open and sealed SRBs in all diameter and width series. While the narrow low-section bearings (e.g. 238 series) feature high speed capabilities as well as low weight and minimum space dimensions, the wide high-section bearings (e.g. 233 series) have higher load carrying capacities. All RKB SRBs put together experience in design with proven performance in all major industries




Range :

Radial OD upto 1580mm

Axial OD upto 1400mm


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