Quantity Survey & Procurement

We embarked on a journey to deliver Quality, yet cost-effective Products and Services to our customers.Our company philosophy is - to collaborate effectively with our customers in clearly understanding his needs and to deliver the best-in-class Products and Solutions from our trusted partners across the globe.

Pipeline & Pumping Station Design Optimization

EPC contractors often forget the fact that huge savings could be made by proper Optimization of Project Designs. Our technical expertise is at your service to make sure that you spend the minimum to achieve the project deliverables.

Pipeline Systems Inspection & Repair

Routine Inspection and Maintenance is required to ensure the durability and performance of various pipeline elements. We assist our clients for Inspection, Maintenance as well as any Emergency Repair of pipeline components.

Specify and Supply of Industrial Bearing

Bearings are one of the industrial products which require high precision and conformity to strict tolerances.  Flowlines is in partnership with a world class bearing manufacturer and fully support our clients to specify the right type and sized bearings.   

Special Coatings and Wrappings

When it comes to pipeline system durability, the major challenge is corrosion prevention. Our expert technicians liaise with leading coating and wrapping manufacturers to provide you the best in class protection for your Utility & Infrastructure assets.    

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