Product Description

The RKB Toroidal Roller Bearings (TORB) are single row pure radial roller bearings featuring slim symmetrical barrel rollers, properly profiled to grant an uniform stress distribution, as well as a proper roller/raceway contact. This proper pressure distribution along all the roller profile allow to control rolling friction and working temperature, keeping them at their minimum values. Consequently the lube film gap remains stable and the lubricant ageing process is reduced also, improving the application reliability. According to the internal design RKB TORB bearings are conceived to be mounted as non-locating bearings, since they can face the thermal expansion along the shaft. RKB TORB bearings are manufactured offering the highest load rating capacities, improved internal geometry, high quality materials and special heat treatments for superior performance.



Range :

Radial OD upto 1400mm


Types :


  • Type J

  • Type V


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